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Kore Nutrition Background

Kroger is one of the largest and most successful grocery chains in the United States, with over 2500 stores nationwide. When the team at Kroger Health sought to create a nutritional line to support the Kroger Health “Food is Medicine” initiative, Kroger reached out to Exemplar Design to partner with them on the development of the brand. Kore Nutrition was developed to closely align with Kroger’s already well-established brand aesthetic.

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2500 stores

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Established in 2020

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Kroger Health Exclusive

Product Variety

Designed to meet the goal of offering formulations and high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price, the Kore brand offers a complete line of vitamins and minerals as well as performance and recovery products. It is now the only brand Kroger offers that is considered a wide-spectrum nutritional supplement.

With “Food as Medicine” as the starting point for good health, the Kore line serves as an effective source of supplementation when customers aren’t able to meet daily diet requirements.

product Variety
Pioneer product
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Pioneer Product

Successfully launched in 2020 during the global pandemic, Kroger found out quickly they had a powerful product in Immune Boost, a combination of Vitamin C, B6, D, E, and Zinc, with added Elderberry and probiotic designed to best support a healthy immune response. As the Kroger Health “Pharmacy Recommended Brand,” the line is now sold in over 1000 of their pharmacies nationwide.

The Exemplar Benefits

Similar to several other Exemplar Design brand partnerships, Kroger benefited from the full suite of competencies for which Exemplar Design has become well-known within the health and fitness industry. From creating proprietary product formulations, conducting necessary research and development, and securing U.S. sourcing and manufacturing, to providing custom packaging and in-store fixtures, and ensuring distribution and ongoing marketing efforts nationwide. The Exemplar Design team is committed to bring the best possible product to market. If our partners succeed, we succeed, and it is this core belief that guides everything we do.