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Branding & Design


In 2017, actor/comedian and fitness enthusiast Kevin Hart sought to develop a nutritional supplement line to support his health and fitness lifestyle and establish his own brand to share with his fans and followers. Through the tight-knit and interconnected fitness community, Kevin was introduced to the Exemplar Design team which led to an exclusive partnership and creation of the VitaHustle brand.



Development & Design

When the team at Kroger Health sought to create a nutritional line to support the Kroger Health “Food is Medicine” initiative, Kroger reached out to Exemplar Design to partner with them on the development of the brand. Kore Nutrition was developed to closely align with Kroger’s already well-established brand aesthetic.


Branding & Design


In 2016, Exemplar Design partnered with TRX to leverage greater product innovation and expand their product portfolio. TRX expressed interest in the XD Medicine Ball for its unique design and construction and the benefit it offered customers. Our relationship has evolved over the years and now the XD Medicine Ball is made exclusively for TRX.