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Vegan Protein

Our Background

In 2017, actor, comedian and fitness enthusiast Kevin Hart sought to develop a nutritional supplement line to support his health and fitness lifestyle and establish his own brand to share with his fans and followers. Through the tight-knit and interconnected fitness community, Kevin was introduced to the Exemplar Design team which led to an exclusive partnership and creation of the VitaHustle brand.

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Owned By Kevin Hart

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Gender Focused Supplements

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Established in 2017

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Energy, Focus & Recovery

mens and womens vitamins

Our Products

In addition to a foundational vitamin supplement line, Kevin wanted differentiation within the market. The Exemplar Design team worked to develop a product geared toward Energy, Focus, and Recovery. The line offered original formulations with advanced ingredients not found in other multi-vitamins on the market, tailored specifically for men and women and their respective nutritional needs.

mens multivitamin

Mens Multi

whey protein

Whey Protein

reds and greens

Reds & Greens

womens multivitamin

Womens Multi

vegan protein

Vegan Protein

Our Services

In addition to developing the product, Exemplar Design also created Kevin’s brand from scratch, generating the brand name and taking the lead on brand design, packaging and marketing. VitaHustle was an instant supplement success with initial sales surpassing all expectations. VitaHustle continues to grow with Exemplar Design working closely on all new product development and manufacturing.

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Product Development

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Current Day

Ongoing partnerships like the one with Kevin Hart and VitaHustle thrive because Exemplar Design puts clients’ needs first, bringing both a dedicated responsiveness and proven industry expertise to every project.

We offer ingenuity and experience gained across multiple disciplines from product concept and design, research, testing, sourcing of premium ingredients, manufacturing, branding, and marketing and logistics.

We value a collaborative approach with all of our partners, seeking opportunities to help brands grow and evolve