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Kevlar Fitness Equipment


In 2008, Exemplar Design developed a patented medicine ball product known as the XD Kevlar Medicine Ball.

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In 2014, Exemplar Design secured the global Kevlar license agreement exclusive to fitness equipment.

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The prototype XD Kevlar Medicine Ball was hand-sewn and constructed with a durable fabric woven with Kevlar fibers and assembled with heavy tensile threads for superior seam strength.

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The patented design featured support panels which distributed force more uniformly, providing better strength and stability to reduce ball breakage.

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The only medicine ball made from Kevlar fibers, whose strength has been compared to that of steel, the XD Medicine Ball is the most durable, well-designed medicine ball available on the market. It comes in a variety of weights and sizes.


In 2016, Exemplar Design partnered with XD to leverage greater product innovation and expand their product portfolio. XD expressed interest in the XD Medicine Ball for its unique design and construction and the benefit it offered customers.

Our relationship has evolved over the years and now the XD Medicine Ball is made exclusively for XD, and is available only through XD distribution channels.

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At Exemplar Design, we continue to work closely with the XD team to identify opportunities for innovative product concept & design.